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Niagro – Nichirei do Brasil Agrícola Ltda. is a subsidiary of the Group Nichirei Corporation in Japan, founded in Petrolina, in the state of Pernambuco in 1991, with the goal of developing an Acerola (Barbados cherry) project with high quality and productivity standards. 

Since 1995, Niagro became a leader and pioneer in Brazil in the production, processing and marketing of Acerola products. Since then, due to its high quality standard, the company is expanding the sales of its products in domestic and international markets. Today, with over 20 years of experience in this market, through its proprietary technology, the company has been studying and developing new species of Acerola with high levels of vitamin C and manufacturing products (pulps, juices, concentrates and extracts), that meet the specifications required by their customers, within a logistics, quality and traceability concept that ensure full compliance with requirements of food, pharmaceutical and nutriceutical markets in general.



Specialized in the production and marketing of Acerola, with 90% of its production (an average of 18,000 tons of fruits annually) intended for the international market and the rest for the domestic market, throughout its 20 years of experience through a structured logistics, Niagro serves customers in virtually every continent, maintaining the same service quality standard in the domestic demands.

With high product reliability, constant innovations and technologies, Niagro products are processed and manufactured within a specific standard of compliance with diverse markets, in the food, nutriceutical and pharmaceutical industries, supplying industries with pulps, juices and concentrates, conventional and organic, for the development and production of various products and segments. The partnership, teamwork, commitment, focus and objectivity, are the strengths in our marketing structure and on meeting the general requirements of current and future markets for our company.



With the commitment to meet the needs of the market and the determination of our certifications, through the traceability of our processes, from plantation - where we ensure strict control on the use of chemicals, in the selection and use of each variety of Acerola fruit used in our processes, as well as all hygiene, treatment and classification criteria throughout our industrial line, Niagro provides the market with products processed under a high technology and quality concept, specific for each specific market.

Today, as a leading supplier of Acerola products, Niagro is proud to have contributed to the development of various products of large companies and international groups. Currently aiming at reaching new markets, Niagro is expanding its line of organic products, as well as developing its processes of dry extracts, seeking to increasingly meet the needs of the current market. We are always studying new specifications, processes and outsourcing of new and existing products, always aiming at a constant integration with our customers and the market.



"Niagro poses a strict technical and administrative control on their plantations, concerning the use of pesticides, chemicals, and in the control of planted species, ensuring high quality conventional and organic fruits, with high contents of vitamin C and large industrial profitability. In addition to the production of 100-gram pulps of varied flavours (cashew, guava, mango, passion fruit, açaí, grape, strawberry, pineapple), which are distributed exclusively within the domestic market, Niagro also outsources regional tropical juices to other companies, which comply with its processing line."



Niagro is constantly concerned about maintaining full control throughout its production process, from planting to the final delivery to the market, focusing on the permanent improvement of its products. 

The attention paid to the selection of Acerola species and sorting of raw material are starting points to achieve enhancement and improvement in other steps of the process. Through Niquisa (proprietary farm located in Petrolina), focused on the study of Acerola, Niagro develops daily research related to the analysis of productivity, costs, acclimatization, breeding and other factors that are specific for the improvement and productivity of the plantations in the region, as well as for the final quality of its products. Through further studies, Niagro has been developing and defining species of fruits and behavioral patterns that contribute to the high level of Vitamin C and improved productivity rates. The ongoing study and analysis to obtain stable and homogeneous products, which can be formulated to meet all specifications of several industrial areas, is the constant goal of our research studies, demonstrating all our commitment and responsibility towards the industrial development of this sector.




Niagro understands the importance and value of its product certifications and procedures. By the end of every process, the respect for international norms and concepts is what ensures a healthy, safe and high quality product. In addition to the specific aspects required for each certification, Niagro also acquires technical analysis from world-class laboratories, ensuring its customers the effectiveness of its products’ technical information.




Niagro is geographically located in the Northeast of Brazil, in the State of Pernambuco, with an exporting sales office in the city of Recife and a factory located in the city of Petrolina, Lower Basin of the São Francisco River, part of the so-called Vale do São Francisco. It also has a sales office for the domestic market, located in the city of São Paulo/SP, South-Central Brazil.

Niagro’s location has been strategically studied, since the region now covers an area of 250,000 hectares, whose main features are the fertile soil, good water quality, a complete irrigation infrastructure, with a faster production cycle and a high level of productivity (with the production of Mango, Grape, Acerola and other fruits). Its average annual rainfall is 350mm, concentrated within three to five months. These characteristics are turning the region into a major exporter of fresh fruits and by-products, in addition to the privileged geographic location, which average distances are close to the three major ports of the Northeast Region (Salvador-BA, Suape-PE and Pecém-CE). Thus, Niagro’s Manufacturing Unit is located within the Acerola production region, with average distances of about 50 km to the cultivation and collection points, which represent a total area of over 1,000 hectares, thereby obtaining a natural raw material and high quality standards.

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